Customer Health Scores for the Modern Age – Webinar – July 15th, 11:00AM PST

July 1, 2020

Creating a Relevant, Transparent and Actionable Health Score

Are your customer health scores an accurate measure of actual customer health or risk, and do you know which factors your health scores are based on? Do you frequently find that “red” customers are actually renewing and expanding, while “green” customers are churning? And do you know the next best actions you can take to improve the health of each customer?

Join Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO of The Success League, and Ian Fyfe, VP Marketing at Uptick to learn about:

  • The factors that should go into a comprehensive and trustworthy measure of customer health
  • How to make health scores transparent and explainable
  • How to know what actions to take next with each customer


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Trustworthy health scores are based on a rich diversity of factors that should go well beyond simple measures such as product usage. Actionable health scores provide transparency into which factors are having the greatest negative and positive impact on the health score, and these factors should be clearly linked to actions and playbooks that can be executed to improve the level of value the customer is getting from the product or service.

Jul 15, 2020 11:00 AM – Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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