5 Common Customer Success Problems (and How to Solve Them!)

Common Customer Success Problems

July 15, 2020

The challenge with most Customer Success tools, whether you use a dedicated Customer Success platform, CRM, or spreadsheet, is your reliance on guesswork and opinions. Despite the fact that most Customer Success teams are desperate for current and accurate data, they are at a loss for how to get there.

Do you find the data you can access often static, inaccurate, and subjective? You are not alone. Read on to learn five common problems all Customer Success teams face and how to solve them.

Problem 1: Accurately Tracking Customer Health Scores

The problem with most customer health scores is they are usually based on just a handful of criteria and rules that may not accurately reflect the health of accounts. You might get information on how customers behaved in the past, but does that really tell you their current health? As a result, you find yourself surprised when “healthy” accounts churn. In addition, most customers health scores are a “one-size-fits-all” approach that don’t accurately reflect the unique needs of each customer.

Here’s the answer: Intelligent health scores.
Imagine the possibility of health scores updated daily, without any effort on your part. In Uptick, this is a reality. The Uptick Brain assess the impact of every factor on every account then generates a unique customer health score for each customer; built on facts, not opinion-based rules. As a result, you engage the right accounts, at the right time. In addition to drilling into individual health scores for each account, you also see larger trends affecting your customer base as a whole.

Problem 2: Knowing How You and Your Customers Are Engaged

How do you know CSMs and customer facing teams are engaged appropriately with accounts? You don’t. Instead you struggle to demonstrate the impact of your team’s efforts on customer health and renewals. As a result, your team wastes time on efforts that don’t provide value.

Here’s the answer: Communication streams.
Without any effort on your part, Uptick tracks business emails and calendar events to reveal how engaged you are with your customers and how engaged they are with you. Uptick starts with a built-in library of business terms and uses natural language processing to analyze and determine the business topics discussed in every relevant communication with your customers.

Rather than manually searching through emails and calendars, Uptick automatically shows you the correlations of your team’s efforts. In addition, you benefit by drilling into specific engagement scores to learn about each unique customer. Explore how many contacts are engaged in each account, who the most engaged contact is, the business topics each account is discussing, and where you are most vulnerable.

Problem 3: Knowing What to do Next

Your Customer Success teams might be busy, but do you know the full impact of their efforts. Most likely, you and your team get alerts, triggers, and assigned tasks from whichever system you use to track customers. However, do you really know the right actions to take? Do you know when to deploy specific playbooks and services like consulting, support, and training? And do you know how effective your communications with your customers are? Like most teams, you struggle in these areas.

Here’s the answer: Intelligent action recommendations.
The Uptick Brain provides personalized actions and recommendations for each account, based on data, not hunches. Uptick also creates system-generated actions and dynamic playbooks for your team to run. As a result, you engage the right people in the right account with the right actions. Every time.

Problem 4: Segmenting Customers

Most customer segments are based on impressions of how customers should be grouped, usually based on company size, revenue, location, and other general measures. Using arbitrary attributes costs you and your customers; you probably lose key accounts because they are segmented inappropriately.

Here’s the answer: Micro-segmentation.
The Uptick Brain groups accounts in ways you may never consider. Analyzing behavioral data in your key systems, Uptick uncovers hundreds of micro-segments for you to engage in ways that are meaningful to them, including continuous onboarding, ways to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and most importantly, to continuously increase the value customers gain from your product.

Problem 5: Data analysts are expensive

In an ideal world, you have a full-time data analyst examining thousands of customer records and fields to pull out data-driven insights, every minute of every day. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you can afford a team of data experts. As a result, your Customer Success teams are left in the dark, making guesses about which accounts to focus on and what actions to take. Think of all the time your team wastes entering data and administering systems, only for the data to sit unused.

Here’s the answer: Built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Uptick is the first Customer Success platform built from the ground-up on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Uptick Brain works 24/7 to ingest your company and customer data, then keeps learning, day in and day out.

Uptick starts by gathering historical information, looks at hundreds of driver data points across all your data, and then trains the Brain. Most humans can’t do this without massive resources. You don’t have to figure out your customers, Uptick does that for you. As the Uptick Brain keeps learning your business, you and your customers benefit with accurate data-driven insights and real-time recommendations and actions, allowing you to scale customer facing teams effectively.

Farewell Opinions. Hello Facts.

Uptick solves common Customer Success problems with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Uptick Brain figures out your business and then drives value for you and your customers. You receive micro-segments, accurate customer health scores, and tailored recommendations and actions to engage customers. Plus, Uptick comes with everything you need to onboard, engage, retain, and grow your customers.

Learn how data makes the difference, with Uptick. Start with a free trial at: info.uptick.com/get-a-demo


Written by Donna Weber

Donna Weber is President of Springboard Solutions where she helps high growth companies create customers for life. When she’s not springboarding customers to successs, you might find her white water kayaking the rivers of California and beyond.

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