4 Essential Customer Success Metrics That You’re Not Using

Essential Customer Success Metrics

October 31, 2019

Since Customer Success entered the corporate consciousness in the second decade of the 2000s, the metrics which define a successful customer have remained almost entirely unchanged. Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort, and Churn. The Big Four. Customer Success stopped developing almost as soon as it was born.

In response to that arrested development, Uptick has set out to break the mould in Customer Success intelligence. Since its foundation, Uptick has introduced four essential metrics to the world of Customer Success that combine the simplicity of early Customer Success metrics with the complexity of advanced machine learning which has only become possible because of recent improvements in data storage and computing power.


How well is your team communicating with their opportunities?

Any attempt to answer this question with a formula as simple as the ones used to calculate something like Retention Rate would be wildly inaccurate.

Our Engagement model takes a huge number of factors into consideration when quantifying Customer Team and Our Team Engagement, some of which include:

  • Frequency of communication
  • Quality of communication (Uptick-exclusive language processing engines detect theme and sentiment in every email and meeting)
  • Responsiveness of both parties

That means that instead of plugging numbers into your Customer Success spreadsheet each quarter, you can just log in to Uptick in order to answer that question for any opportunity in a few clicks.

To provide even greater visibility, Uptick introduced the Activity Stream. This is a feed similar to a social media newsfeed or RSS subscription feed that enumerates the entire collection of emails and meetings associated with an opportunity. There is no longer any need to spend time onboarding new salespeople because they can read for themselves to understand where an opportunity is tracking at any moment.

Uptick even calculates Engagement at the individual customer and employee level – every person involved in every opportunity has their own Engagement value which means that you know right away who the key decision makers are in any opportunity.

In addition, smart data-capture engines parse email signatures, carbon-copy addressees, and meeting attachments to uncover useful information that often remains incomplete in most legacy CRM systems like best contact information and job titles. Uptick detects changes automatically and keeps the pertinent information up to date at all times.

Imagine having the ability to detect slumps in customer engagement the moment they are noticed by Uptick. Imagine never marking another wellness check in your calendar. When you’ve deployed Uptick, your entire pipeline is under constant observation for harmful anomalies giving you and your team the peace of mind needed to close strategic deals without distractions or delays.

Win Prediction

The Customer Health Score is analogous to every organization’s secret sauce. No two organizations use the same methodology or criteria to determine what makes a healthy customer. That’s why, when we were designing Uptick Win Prediction, we consciously set out to let sleeping dogs lie. Win Prediction is less about determining the healthiness of a customer at any given moment and more about anticipating whether or not the substantive result of the opportunity will come out a win.

Think about Billy Bean’s Oakland A’s. The 2004 book and 2011 movie Moneyball featured a determined manager who looked not at the more obvious and accepted metric of home runs when making draft picks, but rather, at the metrics that resulted in runs scored namely, base hits.

Uptick took a similar approach when we built Win Prediction. We looked at the unobvious metrics that resulted in won opportunities without forgetting the traditional indicators many companies use. It turned out that every organization had its own key differentiators, so we wrote our machine learning models to look for these particularities in every dataset and make sure they are brought to the fore. This has resulted in a value that offers unrivaled accuracy when trying to determine how your opportunities are tracking. Our users are always surprised when our Win Prediction wins out against their own in-house health score, but it only demonstrates the power of the data that their organization was already collecting.

We’re not bashful about what goes into this value either – you can see the most impactful factors, both positive and negative, so you know exactly why any opportunity has a particular Win Prediction. That means that you can see exactly what set your solution apart, supported by concrete data. Uptick represents the confluence of natural and artificial intelligence so your gut feeling is reinforced with the data needed to confirm its accuracy.

Product Usage Details

While we’re certainly advocates for machine learning at Uptick, sometimes just seeing the data itself provides better insight than any machine learning model ever could.

Product Usage Details shows a normalized dataset of what features your customers are using in your solution across their entire subscription – Uptick is raising the bar by making use of data that no one else on the market today is even looking at. With Product Usage Details and the Activity Stream, you can see the concrete results of your product demonstrations and promotional efforts in realtime.

  • Underline or define your organizational sales targets with concrete sales and historical data. 
  • Track Product Usage Details across time, offering unheard of visibility into the onboarding and retention processes.

When you already know about the features of your solution that your customers love, expanding their subscription isn’t just about increasing revenue – it’s about proactively delivering Customer Success and making sure your customers never forget why they implemented your solution in the first place.

Value Attainment

On the topic of retention and expense justification, Uptick quantifies Value Attainment for every single account with whom your organization is engaged. This value is determined differently for every organization but it relies on a similar subset of measurable data:

  • Engagement
  • Data consumption (finite resources within your solution such as download limits)
  • Operational metrics (errors generated, trouble tickets raised, downtime)
  • Product Usage Details

You already know that your customers are getting tons of value by using your solution, but now you have the data to back that claim up. That means more salesperson confidence in the meeting room, better customer retention, and less resources wasted pursuing a lost cause or sure thing.

Even more usefully, Value Attainment is presented across time so you can compare the present to the past and look for upward or downward trends based on whatever playbook you’ve decided to run with each customer. Pinpoint the exact playbooks which are proven to work in specific situations and stop running the ones which aren’t delivering. You’ve never had the opportunity to define the efficacy of your sales plays as concretely as when you’re using Uptick.

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