Ongoing Customer Onboarding: 4 Strategies to Keep Current Customers Engaged

Ongoing Customer Onboarding Tips

June 15, 2020

As you probably know, customer onboarding, or the act of familiarizing customers with your product, can make or break new customer relationships. But what if your current customers are your only customers this year? Explore these four strategies to engage existing customers.

1. Know the difference between onboarding accounts versus users.

Onboarding new accounts includes one-off events like customizing, implementing, integrating, and branding your product. It also includes a launch date when users first have access to your product. While you celebrate when an account is officially launched, this is just the beginning of user adoption. Users are the actual people using your product to do their jobs and they need to be onboarded to using your product. Their roles might be end users, business users, administrators, analysts, and developers. They may use your product once a day, all day every day, or just once a year.

Uptick provides account-level and user-level engagement scores showing you the impact of your onboarding efforts.

2. Onboard existing users to new features and new products.

Whenever you release product updates and new products, your users need to know how the new features and products fit into their lives. When enabling users, it’s always important to emphasize how their jobs are easier with the new tools and not just what the product does. In addition, we recommend you build a scalable customer adoption strategy that drives user adoption with consistent, repeatable, and low and tech touch approaches.

Uptick helps you understand the sticky features and high value areas in your platform, whether users are engaged with them, and the right actions to take to get them engaged.

3. Onboard new users and new organizations in existing accounts.

Consider these four questions when you have a new organization within an existing account:
a. Does this new organization require a separate implementation and integration?
b. Are you onboarding new users to and existing implementation or a different one?
c. Do you know the requirements of the new organization? Are they different to the original requirements you gathered during the initial account onboarding?
d. What are the goals and outcomes desired by this new organization?

Once you know the answers to these questions, then determine whether you roll out a new phase of the initial onboarding program, or you approach it as a new group of users with an existing implementation.

Uptick reveals through accurate customer health scores just when existing customers are ready to expand into additional users and new organizations.

4. Onboard customers to their next phase of the customer maturity lifecycle.

Rather than throwing everything about your product at users all at once, it’s helpful to define a customer maturity lifecycle. You might have users start adopting your product in a basic way and then increase the complexity of what they do as they mature. When you define customer maturity, you break down the customer journey into simple and complex use cases. You also might sell your product as basic and advanced modules.

Once customers are proficient at the basics, you build on their existing experience and knowledge, and keep growing the value they receive. The point is to have a plan and then onboard the parts of the product when users need them, as if they are new products. With accurately correlated assessment of the customer journey stage and health scores, Uptick shows you when customers are maturing to drive their expansion and renewals.

A new era of Customer Success starts with Uptick.

Uptick revolutionizes customer success by knowing the factors driving your business. Uptick helps you keep current customers engaged with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Uptick Brain figures out your business and then drives value for you and your customers. You receive micro-segments, accurate customer health scores, and tailored recommendations and actions to engage customers. Plus, Uptick comes with everything you need to onboard, engage, retain, and grow new and existing customers.

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Written by Donna Weber

Donna Weber is President of Springboard Solutions, where she helps high growth companies create customers for life. When she’s not springboarding customers to successs, you might find her white water kayaking the rivers of California and beyond.

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