Transform Sales Forecasting, Customer Retention, and Engagement with Uptick

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November 5, 2019

Enhance Sales Forecasting Methods, Revenue, and Customer Engagement with Uptick

Optimizing your sales process is about more than reacting to what’s happening right now. When you’re on the front line of customer sales, success, and support, it’s easy to lose track of your medium- and long-term business and sales goals. 

That’s why we believe sales forecasting methods need to be fast, easy, and a pleasure to use. In fact, that was one of the main drivers behind building Uptick—to provide businesses like yours with the insights needed to grow your business and optimize sales based on powerful AI and an emphasis on customer success. 

Come with us, as we share how Uptick can revolutionize your sales, maximize customer lifetime value, help your sales team work better, and boost your revenue. 


Enjoy AI-Optimized Win Predictions

One of our most exciting developments is “Win Predictions,” combining machine learning and AI to analyze data and create accurate forecasts for your customer opportunities and lead conversions. AI-optimized Win Predictions help you:

  • Remove bias and anecdotal feedback from your forecasting.
  • Focus on measures that predict future customer behavior.
  • Rely less on surveys and customer self-selection, which can create misleading data.
  • Build and refine data-driven predictions to empower your sales teams.

How Win Predictions Transform Your Sales Forecasting Methods

Our AI-optimized sales and customer success platform uses several sophisticated techniques to identify the leads that are most likely to convert:

  • Connects with your existing customer data sources to gather important sales information from across your business, based on real transactions and data points.
  • Identifies the real-world behaviors and factors that reliably predict the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.
  • Shows opportunities for renewals and upsells, especially useful for subscription businesses. 
  • Removes human bias with a strong emphasis on empiric, high-quality data, showing how historical consumer activities have influenced sales.
  • Makes Win Predictions over the short- and long-term, for reliable revenue forecasting.
  • Surfaces the opportunities where your sales team can make the most impact and drive up conversion rates.

AI-driven Win Predictions are an excellent way to understand the health of your current and future customer base and to make smart revenue forecasts based on hard data.

Take Advantage of Advanced Customer Segmentation and Recommendations

You’re building relationships with a wide variety of customers, all with differing behaviors, motivations, and needs. Uptick’s segmentation and recommendation features help you better understand customers so you can interact with them in the most effective way:

  • Maximizes sales team productivity so efforts can be focused on the most promising leads and customers.
  • Customizes your CRM and sales processes for specific subsections of customers.
  • Gets customer-by-customer details to help maximize understanding.

How Advanced Customer Segmentation Maximizes Customer Lifetime Value

Our segmentation and recommendation engine takes advantage of advanced machine learning and AI to deliver powerful insights:

  • Learns the factors and information that drives your business.
  • Analyzes diverse sets of customer data points to segment customers into distinct groups.
  • Provides recommendations and sales strategies for each group based on best practice.
  • Optimizes what already works in your business and has been proven to increase conversions.

You get a solid plan for where your sales teams should be concentrating their attention, helping you grow revenue and productivity. You interact in a meaningful way with customers, making them less likely to lapse while driving up their lifetime value.

Maximize Customer and Sales Team Engagement with Activity Streams

High-quality data is central to forecasting the success of your sales team, but it’s only one side of the CRM coin. The other area that really matters is interaction—how your sales team communicates with and meets the needs of every individual customer. That’s where Uptick’s activity streams come in:

How Activity Streams Drive Up Sales and Customer Success

Activity streams provide you with a broad, deep, and useful view of how your sales teams are working with leads and customers:

  • Tracks and measures how your customers, sales teams, and other teams are working together.
  • Gets an instant view of your most engaged teams, individuals, and customers.
  • Categorizes and filters every type of interaction based on the criteria that matter to your business. 
  • Finds new customers and team members who haven’t yet been recorded into your CRM platform.
  • Gets complete insight into how your business communicates with specific customers and what the results of those interactions are.

Activity streams help you to understand what’s really working in your CRM and sales processes. You can use that insight to share best practices and get high-performing individuals to mentor others and share their most effective sales techniques.


Drive Up Customer Usage and Product Value Attainment 

Acquiring new customers is only one driver of business success—you also need to retain the customers you already have. A central part of understanding how important your products and services are to your clients is to track and analyze usage:

  • Measures how customers use every part of your product or service to see what’s most important to them.
  • Identifies and tracks the customer maturity metrics that matter the most to your business.
  • Drives up renewals and finds opportunities to upsell optional products and services.
  • Finds areas where your product can improve so it keeps adding value for clients.

How Product Value Attainment Enhances Revenue

Product value attainment and analytics gives you deep insight into how your products meet customer needs:

  • Assigns values to every feature or function in your product.
  • Tracks where customers spend time in the product to find the most useful features.
  • Focuses development efforts on building out high-value areas and introducing supplementary functionality.
  • Builds out a Customer Success team that uses value insights to share useful resources that demonstrate the power and usefulness of your products.

Product value attainment helps you understand how customers are using your services so you can use this insight to drive renewals, maximize upsell, and more. 


The Uptick AI-optimized sales and customer success platform is designed to help you grow your business, enhance customer lifetime value, and enhance your sales and CRM activities.

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