Free Customer Success Software: Get real-time Insights into the business impact of COVID-19

Now more than ever it's critical to understand how your B2B customers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. In response, Uptick customer success platform is making available real-time insights into how your business is impacted.  

FREE PRODUCT: Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer

Identify customers at risk.

Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer module for Coronavirus COVID-19 analyzes email and meeting communications from customers and prospects. Uptick then identifies communications related to business uncertainty and categorizes the content into meaningful topics such as deferred meetings, delayed decisions, payment issues, lost budgets, reduced subscription levels, requests for information, impacted events and more.

Now Available for Free, Uptick Customer Success Platform: Communications Stream module.
  • Get industry-wide insights. The Uptick dashboard provides visibility into the anonymized trends of the coronavirus situation across all Uptick subscribers.
  • See real-time updates.  Get initial results the same day you deploy the Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer module, which takes just minutes. Then, run your business with real time updates.
  • Stay secure. Uptick runs in a secure cloud computing infrastructure and is ISO 27001 certified. Learn more at  
  • Upgrade any time.  The Uptick platform contains everything you need to run Customer Success and Account Management at your company. Upgrade any time to onboard, engage, retain, and grow your customers, even under difficult business conditions.