How It Works

Don’t just meet your sales and customer success goals. Exceed them.

Built from the ground up by CRM experts

Uptick is the revolutionary customer success and sales analytics platform for account managers, customer success teams, and executives. Delivering a daily predictive forecast, customer specific insights and the recommendations your team needs to increase renewal revenue, close new business and upsell, all while maximizing lifetime value.

AI Driven Win Predictions

Forget the biased forecasts, inaccurate customer health scores, surveys findings of the past. Our unique Uptick Win Predictions use AI and machine learning to calculate accurate and consistent data-driven win predictions your team can count on.

How it Works

Uptick’s AI Brain is able to identify and learn the real-world factors that drive renewals and upsell for your specific business by connecting to your existing customer related sources of data.

Based on a diverse set of data sources with thousands of data points and years of history—not human bias—Uptick Win Predictions deliver accurate short- and long-term revenue forecasts based on what the data and prior history tells us, not someone’s opinions or rules-based scores.

Don’t be misled by overly optimistic or pessimistic scores and individual forecasts—instead focus on the right opportunities at the right time. Only Uptick delivers the level of acumen you need to determine the health of every customer and renewal opportunity. Say goodbye to bias and hello to peace of mind with Uptick’s unique industry-leading Win Predictions.

Segmentation & Recommendations

Thanks to our AI-generated customer segmentation and recommendations, your team will know exactly where to focus their efforts and what steps they can take at the right time for each customer to maximize revenue and their productivity.

How it Works

The Uptick Brain has learned the factors that drive your specific business and comes into play once again. This time, it analyzes your set of diverse customer data points to micro-segment your customers and opportunities into potentially dozens of distinct groups, and for each group provide your customer success and sales teams with recommended sales strategies that have been proven in the past to significantly increase success rates.

As yet another industry-unique feature, Uptick’s AI-driven recommendations go deeper than any other sales and customer success platform by learning the factors that really drive your business. Thanks to advanced machine learning and AI, the Uptick Brain will not only identify where your sales team should be focused—but give them timely, straightforward, actionable recommendations aimed at increasing win rates and decreasing churn.

Customer & Team Engagement Activity Stream

A 360-degree view into the sales pipeline isn’t new, but Uptick’s customer and internal team engagement insights sure are. Track, manage and optimize your internal teams and customer engagement like never before.

How it Works

Track and measure important interactions between your customers, the sales team and your internal teams.

Uptick’s Activity Stream allows you to gain instant perspective into the level of engagement, and who the top engaged individuals are from both your customers and your internal teams. Types of interactions can be instantly characterized and filtered using a keyword tag library and can help discover new people that have not been recorded into your existing CRM system.

In a matter of seconds and with only a few clicks, you’ll have complete transparency into the communication activity stream of every current and potential customer. Analyze email exchanges, calendar meetings, the intensity of interactions, who the players are, and so much more with Uptick’s unique Activity Stream capabilities.

Product Value Attainment

Track the product usage and customer maturity metrics that matter most to your unique business. Know how subscribers are using your product, and apply this knowledge to help drive renewals, upsell and so much more.

How it Works

With Uptick, now even large or enterprise-level businesses
can finally have the same level of detailed insights into the amount of product value each customer customer is getting as a much smaller and more intimate software vendor. Track and manage the product value attainment metrics that matter most to your business, your customers, and your team.

Our advanced AI-first platform uses machine learning to analyze and measure how subscribers interact with features and use your product. Updated daily, these insights provide your team with critical insights to successfully increase renewal rates, target upsell, and maximize the lifetime value of each and every customer.

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