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Don’t just meet your customer success goals. Exceed them.

Built from the ground up by AI, ML, & CRM experts

Uptick is unlike any other customer success software. Uptick is the revolutionary next-generation Customer Success platform built on machine learning for Customer Success teams, account managers, & executives. 

Uptick delivers accurate customer health scores, personalized action recommendations, & orchestrates tasks & playbooks to constantly increase the value customers gain from your product, which means: increased retention, more profitability and greater success.

AI Driven Health Scores

Forget those inaccurate customer health scores you can’t rely on. Our unique Uptick Health Scores use AI machine learning to calculate accurate and consistent data-driven scores your team can count on.

Customer Health Scores

Accurate Numbers that Drive Real Action

Say goodbye to bias and hello to peace of mind with Uptick’s unique industry-leading Customer Health Scores. Uptick offers customer health scores that are specific to your company and specific customer micro-segments.

The AI/ML-driven system analyzes real information about your current and historical customer segments, interactions, and sales cycles to determine the precise factors that indicate customer health in your company.

Uptick health scores are accurate & actionable based on what the data & prior history tells us, not human opinion. Don’t be misled by overly optimistic or pessimistic scores. Instead, focus on the right customers at the right time. Only Uptick delivers the level of acumen you need to accurately assess the health of every customer, both big and small.  

Personalized Action Recommendations

Uptick never leaves you without a clear path forward. Uptick’s artificial intelligence and machine learning not only report your customers’ health scores, but also provide personalized action recommendations for each customer to improve success.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Uptick’s AI-driven recommendations go deeper than any other Customer Success platform because we truly learn the factors driving your business. Uptick’s AI/ML system automatically parses your customer into micro-segments based on historical and current trends. It then analyzes the specific patterns that lead to success (and failure), generating ranked lists of the top positive & negative factors impacting success.

From this, the system will recommend custom-tailored actions for each customer that improve your probability of retention and upsells. You receive recommendations mapped to particular playbooks and tasks. Customers receive tailored actions proven to significantly increase success rates. Win-win.

Personalized Action Recommendations

Customer Communications Stream & Engagement

Instantly understand the business topics discussed with customers without wading through hundreds of emails, calendar events & notes.

Customer Activity and Engagement

Get Your Customer Lowdown in Seconds

Sifting through contact notes, support tickets, emails, and calendar invites can be time-consuming and prone to error. The Uptick Customer Communication Stream automatically syndicates, organizes, and filters these interactions for improved communication.

Emails, meeting invites, support tickets, & notes are instantly characterized & filtered using a pre-built keyword library built on decades of experience working with B2B subscription customers. Uptick also discovers new people not added as contacts in your CRM system. 

See and digest customer details at a glance, search customers or communications based on characteristics or keywords, and view engagement levels over time. This increases efficiency as well as transparency, allowing you to serve your customers better while identifying opportunities to improve retention and success.

Playbooks, Alerts, Tasks, & Notes

Achieve higher levels of success with systems and sequences optimized for positive outcomes. Uptick provides CSMs everything they need to efficiently tackle day-to-day activities including playbooks, alerts & triggers, tasks, & notes. 

Roadmaps for Repeatable Success

Uptick provides your teams with a combination of automated and manual tasks programmed to ensure an optimal customer experience from onboarding to renewal and expansion.

  • Playbooks: Composed of sequences of automated or manual tasks, playbooks allow teams to easily follow best practices throughout all stages of the customer journey from onboarding through to renewal & expansion.
  • Alerts & Triggers: Since it’s impossible to manually keep track of each account, automated alerts notify you when specific business conditions & events occur, such as a decrease in engagement,  changes to health scores, & upcoming renewals. 
  • Tasks and Notes: As you analyze and interact with customers, create & track tasks to help  customers move forward. Add personal & shared notes as part of the overall customer activity stream.
Uptick Customer Success Capabilities

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