Personalized Action Recommendations

Individualized action plans to significantly improve client success

Customer health scores are great for reporting, but where do you go from there? Uptick takes the guesswork out of your client success by providing personal action recommendations for each customer to improve retention, engagement, and profitability.

Uptick automatically calculates which actions and tasks are the “next best step” for each customer to increase engagement, secure a renewal, or upsell a particular product or service. These action recommendations have been proven to significantly improve success rates.

Using AI and machine learning, Uptick will determine the intricate patterns proven to improve your customer health scores, retention, engagement, and success in each customer micro-segment. With algorithms specifically individualized to your company, Uptick will automatically use these patterns client-by-client to identify ideal actions you may take with each customer to:
  • Improve health scores
  • Secure renewals
  • Increase engagement
  • Upsell products
  • Streamline success
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Step 1: Establish an individualized baseline specific to your organization.

First, Uptick uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to evaluate interactions with each client, customer microsegment behaviors, and your company’s historical and current trends and performance. Using thousands of individual factors, Uptick learns the unique patterns and behaviors in each customer micro-segment that create client success in your company.

Step 2: Assign an accurate, data-backed customer health score.

Based on real information derived from your current and historical client trends, Uptick will parse your customer into the appropriate micro-segment. From this, Uptick will be able to assign an accurate customer health score that is truly based on your company’s unique data and the customer’s microsegment data points.

Uptick will analyze your client’s current situation—whether they’re up for renewal, at risk for termination, have a potential for an upsell, and more. This will be based on hundreds of factors, including keywords (such as price or competitors) in communications, the tone of messages sent by your client, engagement with your platform, response or lack of response to your sales or customer service teams, and more.

Step 3: Calculate Personalized Action Recommendations

Uptick will then use thousands of data factors pertaining to your business and the individual client to present personalized action recommendations to improve your customer’s health scores. These action recommendations are individualized to each specific client and are based on Uptick’s analysis of repeatable patterns that have shown to lead to client success within your company and microsegment.

Each action is mapped to a particular playbook or task. Playbooks are proven systems of automated and manual tasks that have been shown to produce customer success within your company. With your approval, Uptick will move forward with automated actions and assigning tasks to sales reps to improve health scores, retention rates, engagement, and success.

Why Choose Uptick?

Uptick is like no other customer success platform you’ve ever experienced. With AI/ML-driven algorithms derived from factors taken specifically from your company’s historical and current performance, you’ll see “customer health scores” transformed into real, accurate measurements, data, and action plans.

Individualized Information

Unlike other customer success platforms based on arbitrary one-size-fits-all scores and weight assignments, Uptick uses AI/ML to create individualized scores specific to your business and based on thousands of factors.

Actionable Recommendations

Uptick provides personalized action recommendations for each client based on patterns of success from thousands of factors specific to your company. This gives you the “next best steps” to improve retention, engagement, profitability, and success.

Faster Integration

Clients love that Uptick is ready to use with real, actionable information within days or weeks—not in months like many competitor systems. This is because our platform integrates easily with most customer data systems.

Additional Uptick Features​

While Uptick’s most outstanding feature is its AI/ML-driven customer health scores, it’s features such as personalized action recommendations and Customer Communications Streams make Uptick even more invaluable to subscription-based businesses.

Customer Communication Streams​

Uptick’s customer communication stream not only aggregates conversations, but also filters, summarizes, & categorizes them.

Playbook Alerts, Tasks & Notes​

Consider this your success roadmap. These are systems and sequences optimized for positive outcomes to ensure an optimal customer experience.

AI-Based Customer Health Scores

Forget arbitrary, generic health scores—Uptick individualizes health scores based on thousands of data points derived specifically from your business.

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