Customer Communication Streams

Instantly digest hundreds of emails, calendar events, and notes from anywhere

Any B2B subscription-based business knows that communication with your clients is essential to maintaining relationships and revenue. However, these communications are often disjointed and spread over multiple days, weeks, and even customer support reps.

Most customer records have dozens, if not hundreds of emails, contact notes, support tickets, and calendar invites. When you receive a customer call or need to quickly bring a customer service rep up to speed, Uptick can help you see at a glance where, exactly, the customer stands and drills down the most critical points of current and past communications.

Uptick lets you gain complete transparency into the communication activity stream of every customer—in seconds, giving you more power to service your customers faster, and better.

There are plenty of methods to aggregate communication records—but what about a communication stream that also filters and classifies these communications so you can see a complete rundown at a glance?

Here are some of the main things our clients love about Uptick’s Customer Communication Stream:

Communication characterization

Instead of having to manually tag or categorize conversations, Uptick does it for you. Based on a huge keyword library build upon decades of experience working with B2B subscription businesses, Uptick’s AI/ML software can filter through your client communications and automatically characterize them based on keywords.

Tone interpretation

Categorizing based on keywords is all well and good, but how do you know where a customer really stands? Uptick’s advanced AI/ML system characterizes conversation tones to interpret whether a customer is feeling positively or negatively about your company at any given time.

Automated filters

It’s never been easier to segment your lists. With Uptick, you can easily filter clients based on customer health score, lifecycle, at-risk customers who require additional care or engagement, and customers who have a higher potential for upsells, referrals, or add-ons.

Contributes to customer health scores

In addition to streamlining communication, the Uptick customer communication streams also provide vital data for your AI-driven customer health scores. Keywords in your client’s communications with you will contribute to health scores and personalized action recommendations, as will the overall tone (positive or negative) of each communication.
Harness the power of your customer communications with Uptick’s powerful client communications platform. See how it works by requesting a demo with one of our customer success experts today.

Additional Uptick Features

Uptick is setting a new standard for customer success platforms. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Uptick can transform your customer success strategy with accurate, actionable data individualized to your specific business.

Personalized Action Recommendations

Receive personalized action recommendations for each customer, based on proven successful outcomes, to improve success.

AI-Based Customer Health Scores

Forget arbitrary, generic health scores—Uptick individualizes health scores based on thousands of data points derived specifically from your business.

Playbook Alerts, Tasks, & Notes

Consider this your success roadmap. These are systems and sequences optimized for positive outcomes to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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