AI-Driven Customer Health Scores

The only AI/ML-driven customer health score platform on the market ​

For subscription services, customer retention, engagement, and upsells are the lifeblood of your company.

We all know the business truism that a new customer costs 10x more to acquire than it takes to retain an existing customer. Uptick’s AI-driven customer health scores provide vital data to identify:

  • At-risk customers (and detailed information about how to win them back!)
  • High-potential customers poised for an upsell (and how to land the sale)
  • Top-engaged customers with the greatest opportunities for referrals
  • High-performance team members and those with areas for improvement

The result is a customer health score that provides real, accurate, actionable data to improve your business success.

Most customer health score platforms use a generic customer health score based on a one-size-fits-all formula: Generic, arbitrary numbers with little or no real actionable data.

This formula is based on a small handful of data factors (such as number of logins, engagement with customer service reps, responding to inquiries, etc.). Each of these factors is assigned an arbitrary “weight” based on a handful of experts’ opinions about which health indicators are most important.

The result is an ambiguous, inaccurate score that provides little actionable information.

Say “Goodbye” to generic one-size-fits-all customer health scores

Uptick removes opinion-based “cookie-cutter” elements and inserts a whole lot of data-driven AI and machine learning. The result is highly individualized, accurate, action-oriented customer health scores that can drive real, impactful change.

With Uptick, you’ll experience customer health scores that:

  • Use thousands of data points specific to your business. Instead of fewer than 100 one-size-fits-all factors, Uptick uses thousands of data points as the basis of its analysis for a customer health score you can truly rely on.
  • Dynamic weights and prioritization are automatically assigned based on your company’s historical and current performance for a formula derived explicitly from your company’s proven success.
  • Automatically organizes customers by micro-segments for even more specific, data-driven customer health scores.
  • Continuously improves by constantly testing, learning, and updating your formulas based on your most recent interactions and transactions.

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How Does Uptick’s Customer Health Scores Compare to Competitors?

Uptick is the first platform of its kind to use a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to calculate accurate, actionable health scores. Below are some of the main ways Uptick stands apart from its competitors.
Legacy Systems
How does the formula compare?
Formula is based on AI and Machine Learning (ML), which customizes it to individual companies & constantly improves.
One-size-fits-all, unchanging generic formula used for all companies.
How many factors does the platform use to determine customer health score?
Based on thousands of unique, individual factors.
Based on fewer than 100 one-size-fits-all factors.
Are the numbers accurate, reliable, and relevant to my company?
Yes! Your customer health score is designed and calculated specifically for your company using AI and ML.
Simple, arbitrary formula based on an unchanging set of factors provides inaccurate, less relevant scores.
How does the platform determine which “factors” are most important to the customer health score?
Meaningful automated and constantly-improving factor prioritization based on your company’s actual historical & current company performance.
One-size-fits-all “factors” and weights assigned arbitrarily without consideration to your specific company.
How does the customer health score help me?
Can be used not only for reporting scenarios, but also for specific, detailed, personalized, actionable data to improve engagement, retention, profitability, and success.
Best use is for reporting scenarios.
What happens if there are inflated (overly optimistic) or deflated (overly negative) data points?
The AI/ML-based system can account for these inflated/deflated fluctuations and adjusts the score for a more realistic view.
If the data going in is inflated or deflated, the score you receive will inaccurately reflect that.

Additional Uptick Features

While Uptick’s most outstanding feature is its AI/ML-driven customer health scores, it’s features such as personalized action recommendations and Customer Communications Streams make Uptick even more invaluable to subscription-based businesses.

Personalized Action Recommendations

Receive personalized action recommendations for each customer, based on proven successful outcomes, to improve success.

Customer Communication Streams

Uptick’s customer communication stream not only aggregates conversations, but also filters, summarizes, & categorizes them.

Playbook Alerts, Tasks & Notes

Consider this your success roadmap. These are systems and sequences optimized for positive outcomes to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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