Playbooks, Alerts, Tasks, & Notes

Designing data-backed roadmaps for repeatable success

Uptick uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to design a customer success strategy unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Instead of cookie-cutter systems and customer success principles based on anecdotal evidence and opinion, Uptick’s AI/ML-driven software uses data factors directly from your business to guide processes that optimize client engagement, retention, and success.

Uptick does this through playbooks, alerts, tasks, and notes.

  • Playbooks. Your playbooks are sequences of automated and manual tasks that allow your team to follow data-backed best practices through all stages of the customer journey. These playbooks are derived from proven patterns of success within your customer micro-segments.
  • Alerts & Triggers. It’s difficult to manually keep a pulse on multiple clients at once. Alerts and triggers send automated alerts when certain conditions are met. For instance, when a specific event occurs, engagement drops, a customer’s health score changes, or a renewal is coming up. This helps you stay on top of opportunities or potential challenges by identifying the situation quickly and efficiently.
  • Tasks & Notes. As with all of Uptick’s features, tasks and notes add to your customer’s activity stream and contribute to their customer health score and personalized action recommendations. This leaves no action undocumented or forgotten.

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When most people think of customer success platforms, they think of tracking and scoring. But Uptick offers so much more than that. Uptick’s AI/ML-driven system is based on thousands of data points across all of your customers—past and present. This not only provides the most accurate AI-driven customer success scores available, but also provides thousands of indicators to predict and replicate patterns of success within your company.

Creates repeatable patterns of success

Uptick will provide personalized action recommendations based on each customer’s health score, engagement, lifecycle, and communications. These action recommendations are tied to playbooks or tasks that have repeatedly proven to be successful within your client’s micro-segment.

Trades guesswork & opinions for provable data

Most company playbooks are based on anecdotal evidence and opinions. Uptick removes the guesswork from your company’s best practices, offering data-backed guidance to streamline your potential for success with any given client.

Streamlines processes

Your team is full of customer support rock stars! But if someone on your support team leaves for a vacation, is ill, or if your team is switched up, Uptick helps make it easy for a different customer support rep to pick up where the other left off.

Prevents clients from falling through the cracks

It’s impossible to manually track each and every client. Uptick provides automated alerts and triggers to notify you when specific conditions are met, certain events occur, engagement or health scores change, or when renewals are impending.
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Additional Uptick Features

Uptick is setting a new standard for customer success platforms. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Uptick can transform your customer success strategy with accurate, actionable data individualized to your specific business.

Personalized Action Recommendations

Receive personalized action recommendations for each customer, based on proven successful outcomes, to improve success.

Customer Communication Stream

Uncover and digest hundreds of emails, calendar events, notes, and activities at a glance for a faster, more effective way to manage customer communications.

AI-Based Customer Health Scores

Forget arbitrary, generic health scores—Uptick individualizes health scores based on thousands of data points derived specifically from your business.

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