Increase Net Dollar Retention with the Next-Generation Customer Success Solution

Uptick is the top customer success solution built from the ground up. Using Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Uptick highlights important customer communications, provides actionable customer recommendations, and improved overall net dollar retention.


Health Scores and Customer Success

Accurate Numbers that Drive Real Action.
Say goodbye to bias and hello to peace of mind with Uptick’s unique industry-leading Customer Health Scores. Uptick offers customer health scores that are specific to your company and specific customer micro-segments.

AI/ML Driven Scoring

The AI/ML-driven system analyzes real information about your current and historical customer segments, interactions, and sales cycles to determine the precise factors that indicate customer health in your company.

Uptick customer success health scores are accurate & actionable based on what the data & prior history tells us, not human opinion. Don’t be misled by overly optimistic or pessimistic scores. Instead, focus on the right customers at the right time. Only Uptick delivers the level of acumen you need to accurately assess the health of every customer, both big and small.

Customer Success: Personalized Action Recommendations

Individualized action plans to significantly improve customer success

  • Step 1: Establish an individualized baseline specific to your organization.
  • Step 2: Assign an accurate, data-backed customer health score.
  • Step 3: Calculate Personalized Action Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations

Customer Success hinges on making the right move at the right time; Uptick provides personalized action recommendations for each client based on patterns of success from thousands of factors specific to your company. This gives you the “next best steps” to improve retention, engagement, profitability, and success.

Customer Testimonial

“Uptick helps NetBase maximize renewal bookings & growth by making it easy to understand which customers need attention & which are ready to buy.”
John Tyrrell
John Tyrrell
Sr. VP, Sales - NetBase

Why is Customer Success Important?

Customer success is important because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. It improves your profitability by reducing customer churn, increasing customer lifetime value, and creating a more stable revenue base for success. Read More about the importance of customer success.

How Customer Success Works…

Although models and principles of customer success trace back to the turn of the 21st century, the implementation and practice of customer success philosophy and strategy date back approximately a decade. Read More about how customer success works

How Customer Success Drives Loyalty

Customer loyalty and revenue are positively impacted by a customer’s level of engagement. A more engaged customer is likely to be getting the most out of a product or service, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and the likelihood of retention. CSM increases this engagement through its core principle of creating real and lasting partnerships with customers. The more a customer feels they are heard, the more likely they are to share their opinions and experiences with customer success teams. These opinions and experiences create the data and resources for CSM to tailor and refine their services. As the CSM processes become more refined and efficient, the customer can maximize the value they receive. The higher value to the customer increases the likelihood they will remain loyal or even escalate their engagement with higher-priced products. This value to the customer also translates into their involvement with other potential customers. In this sense, customer success models stand to increase revenue through customer loyalty and generate opportunity for loyalty with new customers.

How Customer Success Increases Contract Value

Customer success is critical in the process of renewing, upgrading, and expanding contracts. It is essential to engage the renewal and upgrade processes throughout the customer lifecycle rather than merely sending out notices to customers near the expiration of a contract. Reaching a customer at this stage in the lifecycle is commonly too late. The overall value of contracts decrease with churn, and the overall value of contracts remain stagnant without upgrades or expansion. Contract value is increased when customers are convinced of the value they receive from their current product and associate further value in expanding their use of products or services.

The customer can choose not to renew, they can renew at their current level, or a customer can renew, upgrade, and expand products. Customer success teams exist to manage each of these potential outcomes, but the last result is the focus of this section. CSM strategies do not merely exist for the time of renewal. Opportunities for increasing contract value—upgrades, cross-sells, add-ons—exist along the customer lifecycle’s full length.