Who Uses Uptick?

From medium-sized subscription-based software companies to enterprise-level organizations operating on a global scale — Uptick is an industry-first AI-based sales and customer success platform aimed at helping increase renewal revenue, reduce customer churn, close new business, and maximize the lifetime value of every customer.

Uptick is proud to provide accurate and valuable insights and action recommendations integral to the success of your entire organization.

Customer success managers, sales account managers, and high-level executives all benefit from the knowledge delivered by Uptick’s revolutionary AI Brain.

Customer Success Managers

The role you play within your organization is an important one. You work hard to ensure your customers have a great experience and that your company is building long-lasting relationships for maximized revenue, reduced churn, and so much more.
Uptick empowers customer success managers with the insights, data, and tools needed to enhance the experience of every customer at every touchpoint through visibility and measurement of product value attainment, customer engagement and account-specific recommendations on next best actions to increase product stickiness.

Sales Account Managers

The ever-evolving, fast-paced nature of the subscription industry calls for the best sales and account teams in the business—and you’ve got one. Uptick was designed to intuitively and effectively support subscription-based sales teams, by delivering detailed accurate win predictions, customer micro-segmentation, precise recommendations, and interaction insights that help drive your team to the right opportunities at the right time.

Uptick lets you see how subscribers are using and attaining value from your product so you can apply that knowledge to drive renewals and upsells. Get real-time visibility into the activity stream and measure engagement levels between customers and internal teams, and automatically identify new customers not captured in your CRM system—all in one place.

The most successful subscription sales and account management teams rely on Uptick’s advanced machine learning and AI platform to accurately and reliably renew subscriptions, upsell customers to higher-levels, and reduce customer churn.

High Level Executives

As the CEO, CRO or CFO of your company—understanding how pipeline revenue is moving in and out from quarter to quarter is critical. Traditional customer success platforms rely on human-provided information and simple scoring algorithms to generate future revenue forecasts, which in many cases, are inconsistent, biased, and inaccurate.

Uptick is different. Featuring an AI Brain that uses machine learning to identify and analyze the real-world sales factors specific to your business, Uptick is the most intelligent sales and customer success platform ever.

You’ll get a full and accurate view of the sales pipeline so you can see how the month, quarter and year are shaping up, and visibility into how effectively internal teams are working together and engaging with customers. Daily Uptick Win Predictions accurately outline the status of each account and opportunity— breathing new life into your entire organization.

Simply put: Only Uptick offers the insights and intelligence necessary to accurately predict short- and long-term revenue forecasts your executive-level team can bank on.

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