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Introducing the next-generation AI-optimized sales and customer success platform. Maximize lifetime value, increase renewal revenue, close new business, and create customer relationships that last.

The Most Intelligent and Intuitive Sales & Customer Success Platform —


Forecasts that Make a Difference

Powered by AI, our revolutionary Win Predictions provide valuable customer insights to reliably drive renewal and up-sell rates.

Uptick Recommendations Increase Win Rates

AI-generated recommendations provide detailed insights to increase your win rate, while machine learning identifies influential factors unique to your business.

Product Value Attainment You Can Use

Discover how individual customers are using your product and interacting with features to determine your solution’s true value and drive expansions and up-sells.

Engagement Metrics that Matter

Track, manage and optimize team and customer engagement with real-time, 360-degree visibility into the pipeline.

“Uptick gives me the ability to get an unbiased forecast while also clearly understanding how our customers are using our products and their engagement level.”

John Tyrrell

Sr. Vice President, Sales

How Uptick Works

Centered around your company’s “Brain,” our AI-first platform uses machine learning to gain a holistic understanding of your business before making value-based, actionable recommendations.

Connects to Data Sources

Seamlessly and automatically connects to your existing customer data sources.

Loads Your History

Syncs two years of history automatically, including thousands of data points per opportunity.

Trains Your Brain

Half of the history is used to train the Brain, while the other half is used to test it.

Learns Your Business

Identifies and learns the factors that drive your unique business.

Delivers Actionable Results

Receive valuable predictions, recommendations and insights to drive renewal rates, up-sells, and more.

Seamless Integration to Existing Sources of Customer Data

Saving time and eliminating redundancies in business is important. Which is why we built an AI-driven application with connectors to the most common sources of enterprise customer data.

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