The Next Generation Intelligent Customer Success Platform

Hello Facts. Farewell Opinions. 

Uptick is the first Customer Success platform built from the ground-up on AI & machine learning.

Deploy Uptick in days & weeks, not the endless months required by legacy systems.

A new era of customer success starts here with everything you need to onboard, engage, retain, & grow your customers.

Constantly Increase Your Value

Uptick’s machine learning unleashes a positive feedback cycle. You receive accurate customer health insights & personalized action recommendations to deploy through tasks & playbooks.

Customer Health Scores You Actually Trust

Unlike legacy opinion & rules-based health scores, Uptick’s revolutionary AI-powered health, engagement, & relationship scores provide actionable insights that reliably drive renewals & upsells.

Boost Subscriptions with Uptick’s Personalized Action Recommendations

Lead customers to do the right thing at the right time. AI-generated next action recommendations provide tailored guidance increasing the value customers get from your offering. 

Activity Stream Insights

Get instant insights from discussed business communications & their sentiment with Uptick’s natural language analysis.

“Uptick helps NetBase maximize renewal bookings & growth by making it easy to understand which customers need attention & which are ready to buy.

John Tyrrell

Sr. Vice President, Sales

How Uptick Works

Centered around your company’s “Brain,” Uptick’s AI-first platform uses machine learning to gain a holistic understanding of your business & then makes data-driven, actionable recommendations.

Connects to Data Sources

Connects automatically & seamlessly to your existing customer data sources.

Loads Your History

Syncs two years of history automatically, including thousands of data points per account.

Trains Your Brain

Half of the history is used to train the Brain, while the other half is used to test it.

Learns Your Business

Identifies & learns factors driving your unique business.

Health Insights & Recommendations

Increase renewals & upsells with the right action, at the right time, for the right customer.

Seamless Integrate Your Customer Data

Save time & eliminate redundancies with Uptick’s AI-driven application. We provide out-of-the-box connectors to the most common sources of customer data.

Ready to make your customers successful?