We help eCommerce brands maximize revenue from every single shopper

With digital advertising and user acquisition costs constantly increasing, our customers utilize the Uptick platform to increase their ROI by monetizing their purchase confirmation page with just one line of code.

Uptick brings vetted, reputable advertisers to show additional offers post-purchase, eCommerce brands create incremental, advertising revenue in minutes.

Two unanswered questions became the core reason Uptick was founded


When users have completed their purchase, and their buying intent is still high why aren’t eCommerce brands utilizing it to increase revenue?


Why are purchase-confirmation pages actively ending the shopping journey with useless information rather than empowering buyers to continue shopping?

Uptick is delivering extra revenue with no risk, at scale.

Online retailers and eCommerce brands enjoy a safe, secure source of income, using a service that does not interfere with the shoppers buying journey.

Founded by Rob Jewell, Uptick was founded to monetize purchase confirmation pages with relevant, personalized offers.

Uptick will create revenue from customers after they've made a purchase from your store, maintaining the Average Order Value (AOV), while increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Meet Our Leadership Team

Rob Jewell
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO Rob Jewell has helped top ecommerce brands spend $1 Billion efficiently on social channels over the last decade. Rob has appeared multiple times on Bloomberg TV as an ecommerce and digital advertising expert.

Nathan Palmer
Chief Technical Advisor

Nathan Palmer is a career fullstack programmer with a track record of running development and operations for adtech platforms supported by multiple data centers and billions of transactions per month.

Brooke Newbold
Director of Performance Advertising

Data-driven strategist and creative leader, Brooke’s career leading performance marketing has unlocked new growth for hundreds of startups and household brands.

Adam Sirois
CRO Advisor

Adam Sirois is a GTM builder who grew Wunderkind from $1M-$120M+ in ARR as the CRO. More recently, he was the CBO of Fractal, the fastest growing venture studio in the world backed by $600M+, where he helped launch 150 vertical saas companies.

Michael Rosen

Chief Financial Officer Michael Rosen has over 25 years of experience as both a CFO and COO with particular emphasis in the CPG space as well as digital marketing. Michael has led many diligence processes resulting in over 1 Billion in unlocked enterprise value.  He was also featured on the CFO Though Leader Podcast in 2022.

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